Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet Marcus

Hi Folks,
Meet Marcus. He's a relatively new addition to our family. I can't decide what color he is, but his breeder called him a chocolate marten. Marten is not a phenotype you usually see in angoras, to the best of my knowledge, but Marcus is not of completely angora parentage. Somewhere 4 or more generations back there was an actual silver marten, a non-wool color breed. Marcus has the correct markings on his face, so he could indeed carry the marten genetics. Its just that, combined with the long angora coat which stretches out the color as it grows, its hard to tell for sure.

Regardless, though, he is a very attractive bunny with soft, cottony wool, and excellent house bunny manners.


redchuckstress said...

Marcus is the cutest bunny alive! He looks soo soft.

SapphireChild said...

Thanks! We think he's just adorable. I'm working on shearing him, a bit at a time, and the wool is very soft. I can't wait to blend it with a nice merino fleece - that will be a fantastic yarn!

Anonymous said...


Not sure but looks like you are correct in the potential Choco marten in the background.