Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rose Quartz - Silk Lace Scarf

Here's another 'sheep to scarf', although this is more of a 'worm to scarf'. This story started with a lovely skein of silk yarn, cool and soft to the touch. This was then kettle dyed, a process where I immerse the skein of yarn into a pot of water and acid, and apply dye and heat. The result is pools of color with variation in hue and saturation, creating an interesting texture of color. This yarn was then knitted into a classic lace pattern scarf to make you feel like a movie star! ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Featured Artist: Audiodef

At a recent local craft show I met the producer/composer of Audiodef, Damien, who creates an indie instrumental techno type music. I received from him the above album, Coldest Dishes Instrumentals. I've quite enjoyed it in the week I've had it. It qualifies as techno with imaginative combinations of sound, but is not the hard techno that threatens to rattle you out of your seat. Instead the album style is accessible and relaxed, keeping your emotion on a steady chilled-out level, while still being active and complex enough to keep your interest. Highly recommended!

Coldest Dishes Instrumentals is currently available for free download at Kallisti Gold

A player which will cycle through all the music on the album is embedded below.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Diversity Celebration

This is a little illustrated story of how a ball of hand-dyed fiber from Creatively Dyed became a November Air art scarf called Diversity Celebration.

This first photo shows what the prepared fiber looks like just before spinning. It always has a certain airy elegance at this stage, and is very nice to touch.

The next photo shows the yarn in production on the flier of the spinning wheel.

This of course is the finished yarn prior to knitting.

And the finished scarf! The design is a simple, bevel knit style that shows of the wonderful variety of color. This was clearly a case where the fiber & yarn were meant to do the talking! A more active design would have detracted from the harmonious yet diverse palette.

for more photos of this colorful beauty, please check out the Etsy listing.