Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Treasury: Digital Finesse

Swiping an idea from Sassa's Etsy Treasury, I've decided to make a blog 'Treasury'. Treasury is an Etsy feature where users can make a page containing their favorite things, things that fit a theme or color scheme, or items from their team members. They can be difficult to get. So why not make a blog Treasury with fun things you found on Etsy?

Dragon Tamer by Mizzdraconia

Thumbelina and the Berry Patch Adventure by Matchstickgirl

Fairy print by Rdirenna

Filodorma by Fayeillustration


matchstickgirl said...

this is an absolutely wonderful idea !!! and thank you so much for the feature !!!

i look forward to seeing more of this blog!

Star of the East said...

Beautiful findings, love Matchstickgirl!

l'actrice said...

I'm especially fond of Thumbelina and the Berry Patch Adventure by Matchstickgirl!!!


rachael said...

Thanks for featuring my fairy - & for introducing me to such gorgeous work.

ArtMind said...

Beautiful fairies and splendid idea! :)