Sunday, November 16, 2008

Featured Artist: Audiodef

At a recent local craft show I met the producer/composer of Audiodef, Damien, who creates an indie instrumental techno type music. I received from him the above album, Coldest Dishes Instrumentals. I've quite enjoyed it in the week I've had it. It qualifies as techno with imaginative combinations of sound, but is not the hard techno that threatens to rattle you out of your seat. Instead the album style is accessible and relaxed, keeping your emotion on a steady chilled-out level, while still being active and complex enough to keep your interest. Highly recommended!

Coldest Dishes Instrumentals is currently available for free download at Kallisti Gold

A player which will cycle through all the music on the album is embedded below.


Cyber_Hippie said...

Thanks for the write-up! I'm glad you enjoyed his CD. :)

See? That show wasn't a TOTAL waste! ;)

Jen M.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm very flattered.